Hotel Tourmalet

Relais Motard Pyrénées

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3-star hotel in the middle of the Pyrenean mountains

Take a break from your daily routine at the Hotel Tourmalet in the village of Luz Saint Sauveur in the Pyrenees. Our hotel is part of the Relais Motard network and we therefore particularly welcome those who cross the Pyrenees by motorbike.

For your information, in addition to our modern rooms, and a restaurant serving local cuisine, we have a car wash and a motorbike and bicycle repair station.

You will find that when you stay at our hotel, you will realize that time stands still because you are surrounded by mountains. In our 3-star hotel, you will find your refuge and that is where you will want to come back.

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Hotel in the Pyrenees, partner of the Relais Motard

Located in the Pyrenees, the Tourmalet hotel, which is part of the Relais Motard, offers you all the necessary comfort for your stay:
– Bathroom
– TV
– Free Wifi
– Storage space
– Mini-bar
– Balcony for some

A total of 28 rooms are available to our guests in different configurations: from single to family rooms, from 16 to 21 m^2.
We also offer restaurant services where you can enjoy traditional cuisine based on local products.
Our team is at your disposal throughout your stay in our Tourmalet hotel.


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Let the Pyrenees enchant you

The Pyrenean landscape is ideal for motorbike tours. Due to its mountainous nature, you can expect a lot of passes and curves, so you won’t get bored. You can stop at lakes, rivers, streams, or waterfalls along the way, as this mountain range has a lot to offer and there is something for everyone. The views alone are breathtaking.
When traveling, plan your accommodation in advance. If you’re traveling by motorbike in the Pyrenees, look for hotels in the Relais Motard network, such as our Tourmalet hotel. They are particularly welcoming to travelers on motorbikes and bicycles and will be happy to help you with any problems you may have with your vehicle.


Buffet breakfast
Per head 9.5 EUR