Cyclists & Motorcyclists

Motorcyclist & Cyclist rest stop in our Relais Motard Pyrenees for a break before you ascend the Col du Tourmalet

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Are you are a motorcyclist or cyclist? Our hotel rest stop is made for you! Come and stay along the legendary Col du Tourmalet route in the Pyrenees. Luz-St-Sauveur, a real Tour de France village, is the perfect place to stop before starting your ascent of the legendary Col. You can even come and admire the handprints of renowned cyclists on the village pavements.

We will welcome you in the bar, restaurant or hotel, offering you drinks, food or accommodation before letting you hit the road again in top form.

Motorcycle and bicycle garage

From your arrival, you can leave your motorbikes and bicycles in our secure covered garage with bicycle storage racks. Closed at night, it will be reopened when you wish to leave, so you can spend the night with complete peace of mind.

Personalised welcome

We are attentive to your needs and offer you a covered and secure garage to store your motorcycles and bikes during your stay. We provide a washing station as well as a repair station for motorcycles and bicycles. For your equipment, a shoe dryer and a laundromat is available. Half-board can also be offered to facilitate your stay.

If you have perishable goods, we leave a fridge and a freezer available.

If ever you are delayed due to bad weather or an unforeseen event, simply contact us and we will immediately find a solution for your late arrival.

Need information during your stay? Our team is at your disposal for any specific requests (itinerary, weather, mechanic, etc.).

On your departure, we will ensure your safety by checking that everyone is in a fit state to take to the road again and we offer you discovery subscriptions, coffee, cool water, etc.

The Tour de France mountain passes

  • Col du Tourmalet
  • Col du Hautacam
  • Col du Soulor
  • Col de Luz-Ardiden
  • Col d’Aubisque
  • Gavarnie
  • Col des Tentes
  • Cirque de Troumouse

Our partnerships

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